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Starting from now and going back in time
Freelance: 2009:
Henry's work for Burrell Durrant Hifle (BDH) includes the graphics sequences for "Nature Great Events" and the resurrection of the great Crystal Palace for Jeremy Paxman's "Victorians", all for BBC 1.

Freelance: 2008:
His work as an animator and technical director includes the special effects for Andrew Marr's "Britain from Above" (BBC 1 & 2) and "Naked Science" for National Geographic at 422 South.

Freelance: 2007:
Henry's work for BDH includes BBC Snooker Championship - titles and stings, Perfect Predators - content graphics (for which designer Rob Hifle and Henry won a 'Royal Television Award' ).   He also contributed to five commercials for HSA medical insurance, BP corporate video, the BBC's Fooled by Nature and Wild China.

Freelance: 2004 to 2006:
He has worked on animated sequences for natural history programmes for Big Wave "Extraterrestrial" (for Channel 4) for 442 Video Graphics - “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” for C4 and Discovery, “Naked Science” for Granada and National Geographic and “Inside Out” for BBC News & Current Affairs.   His last project for Aardman, was a “Johnny Walker” commercial.

The BBC 2000 to 2004:
Henry joined BBC Bristol as an animator in October 2000 but took over the running of the department in March of the following year.   As well as planning and organising eight staff members, running site management, he was the lead animator.   They were awarded the USA "Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival" award for the best animation for the BBC 2 / Discovery series, "Monsters We Met".

Ricochet 4 1992 to 2000:
Henry joined forces with two partners to form Ricochet after winning a large job for S4C.   They produced some remarkable work at R4 including organising and executing the 3D animation for 'Amazing Animals'.   Henry designed and animated the lead character who also was the presenter in the supporting books of the series.   The programmes became very popular, received many nominations including an EMMY and other numerous prizes.   The Disney Channel was so pleased it commissioned a total of fifty two programmes.

Stylus 1990 to 1992:
He spent three years as Head of 3D at Stylus, the Cardiff graphics facility which had a good team of people and he managed to do a great deal of research into animation techniques using AI on a LISP based system called Symbolics.

MPC 1987 to 1990:
Henry's computer animation career started as head of 3D at Moving Picture Company, Soho which he really enjoyed. "A great company which was very innovative". The bulk of the work was commercials and Henry worked mainly with Bernard Lodge and briefly with Jerry Anderson.   He left MPC because of increasing family responsibilities

A Lecturer in Animation & and expert on Motion Control 1974 to 87:
Henry graduated from the RCA in 1974 and went to work for his old college, Newport Film School (now University of Wales Newport, Dept. Film & TV).   He founded the animation courses there and eventually the department became nationally recognised for animation as well as its older course in documentary film.   He became overall head of Film & TV around 1982.   Due to his uncontrollable obsession with digital electronics in 1980, he persuaded the college to fund the building of the very first micro-processor ‘motion control unit’.   This came about because Henry was getting tired of explaining to students how to do fairings on the college Rostrum Camera.   He went on to build 15 more of these ’NORA’ systems which were shipped all over the world.   He eventually designed and built a high speed ‘go motion’ system for Tyne Tees TV which operated for 8 years before being decommissioned.   He also made some films during this period, the most prominent is ‘Archetype’ being one of the very first set of ‘Animated Conversations’ to come from BBC Bristol. The others were made by Aardman, Bill Mather etc.

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