Educational Curriculum Vitae

Starting from now and going back in time
2008: ongoing Research Fellow (0.4 fractional) at Swansea Metropolitan University.
2006: Co-author of the course document for MA in Animation, Glamorgan University. (Validated 2007).
2006 ongoing: External moderator for the Arts Institute at Bournemouth.
2002 to 2006: External examiner for 2D design courses at Glamorgan University.
1996: Became an industrial advisor for all animation courses at Bournemouth University.
1993 to 98: External Examiner for BA in Computer Animation and Visualization at Bournemouth University.
1989: Advisor for the validation of the MA in Computer Animation and then later for their BA in Computer Animation and Visualization at Bournemouth University

Teaching at Newport 1974-1987
(Newport refers to “The University of Wales Newport” , previously known as “Gwent College of Higher Education”, previously known as “Newport Art College” and previously known as "the tech" by the local community.   The department of Film & TV was affectionately referred too as "Newport Film School" during the 70's & 80's
1987: Resigned from Newport to take up the role as head of animation at MPC.
1986: Btech validated the courses in documentary film and animation to HND level.
1983: Promoted to Director of Film & TV Studies.
1980: Promoted to Full Time lecturer in animation.
1978: Designed and implemented a full time three year diploma course in animation.
1976: Designed and implemented part time courses in animation for degree students in Fine Art, Graphic Design and Illustration.
1974: Asked to help out with some part time teaching duties at his old college in Newport.

RCA Graduation:
Henry specialised in cell animation at the Royal College of Art and graduated from there in 1974.   He was only one of three or four animators that came through that year.

Some Really Ancient History:
John Grierson founded the School of Film and TV at Newport in 1965 and his then senior editor Harley Jones became the principle lecturer of this new documentary school of film making.
Henry arrived as a part time tutor in 1974 and with the help of Peter Turner (who worked with Harley on the documentary course) they introduced animation as an option for BA Fine Art and Graphic Design courses. In around 1978 they introduced the first full animation course at Newport.
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