The PHENAKISTOSCOPE developed in 1833 by Joseph Plateau
The primary function of this website is to show and promote Henry’s skills as a Computer Animator.   If you are a Film, TV or Games producer who need some cracking good animation then have a look round this site and contact Henry at if you need further information or a show reel.
If your NOT a Film, TV or Games producer but are just looking, or if you are a very young person, then avoid the CV button because there is nothing but boring words in this section and definitely no pictures, animation or anything you can play with.   You might want to try the bird gallery by clicking the little bird above or having a go at "Guess the Texture".   Thank you for visiting my animation website.

Welcome to HENRY'S ANIMATION website

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If you are interested in learning 3D Computer Animation, or looking into new Animation Techniques,
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Articles on Animation, Character Rigging, MEL Expressions and Functions and much MORE.

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